Descriptive Analysis of Scientific Studies on Technology Use in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners

The aim of this study is to make a descriptive analysis of the scientific studies on the use of technology in teaching Turkish to foreigners between 2011-2023 and to examine the studies in terms of different variables. In this descriptive study, which was designed as a qualitative study, a comprehensive literature review was used to collect the data. Accordingly, by using the purposeful sampling method, a total of 42 thesis and 106 articles were reached by scanning the National Thesis Center, ULAKBIM DergiPark, Google Scholar, ULAKBIM TR Index, WoS (Web of Science) an ProQuest databases. 25 articles and 2 theses that did not meet the criteria determined for the purpose of the research were not included in the scope of the study. Studies that do not meet the criteria are studies that would cause inconsistency in the sampling results such as keyword and content incompatibility, or being an article produced from a thesis. Therefore, the sample of this study consists of 121 studies, including 40 theses and 81 articles. Using document analysis technique, the articles were analyzed in terms of "year of publication", "type of research", "data collection tools", "subject/content", "institution", "keywords", "journal" and "method" variables and presented in tables. Based on the findings, general evaluations and recommendations have been reached. As a result of the study, some suggestions were presented to researchers and the literature on the subject.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, technology use, descriptive analysis