A Meta-Synthesis Study for Instructor-Focused Prepared Studies in Teaching Turkish to Syrian Immigrants

Language teaching is one of the needs that emerged with the migration wave that started from Syria to Turkey in 2011. For this purpose, many institutions and organizations, especially the Ministry of Education and universities, have implemented various projects to meet this need. The PİKTES project is one of the most prominent among these projects. Various materials were prepared within this project’s scope and training was carried out. These steps are also reflected in scientific studies. Many studies were prepared on teaching Turkish to Syrian immigrants, interviews were held with the instructors in this discipline, the problems encountered in this discipline were mentioned and their suggestions were asked. Lack of materials, lack of programs, mixed classes, physical conditions, communication, and adaptation problems are some of these problems. However, in the interviews with the instructors, it was seen that the experiences of the instructors in teaching Turkish as a foreign/second language were not emphasized much. However, since there is no undergraduate program, the instructors work from different disciplines. Therefore, this study aims to determine the effects of the professional backgrounds of the instructors and their competencies in teaching Turkish as a foreign/second language. For this reason, these studies, in which the teachers were preferred as participants, were examined and the role of the instructors in the process was tried to be determined. For this reason, the meta-synthesis method was preferred in this study and the related studies were examined under various titles by comparing them. First, the descriptive features of the studies were determined, and then the findings of the studies were evaluated. As a result of this evaluation, the needs of the instructors were determined and various suggestions were made in this direction.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish to Syrian immigrants, instructor competencies, second language teaching.