Changing Learner Profile and Learning Habits in Teaching Turkish to Foreigners with Digitalization

Rapidly developing technology, scientific studies and changing living conditions have introduced the concept of "digital" into our lives. Digital, which appears in almost every aspect of our lives and shows its effect, has also shown its effect on language teaching, which is one of the basic areas of human life. Throughout history, both mother tongue and foreign/second language teaching have been studied areas. Digitalization; It emerges as an undeniable element for language teaching, which is constantly evolving and shaped in line with needs. When we look at language teaching, there are learners, instructors, resources, materials, etc. appears to be composed of elements. Any change or transformation in one of these elements also affects other elements. Children born into the digital age have grown up and become a part of the language teaching process today. In order to get the desired efficiency from language teaching, the learner profile should be well known and the language teaching process should be planned in this way. Considering this situation in teaching Turkish to foreigners, changing learner profiles should be taken into account and learning environments should be created in line with their new learning habits. In the qualitative aspect of this study, in which the mixed research method was used, information is given about the concepts of digital, digitalization, digital native, digital immigrant and digital hybrid in order to get to know the learner profile well, through literature review. In the quantitative dimension, the information gathered about the learning habits of the learners through the survey research is shared. In this context, in this study, it is aimed to raise awareness on this subject by providing information about the changing learner profile and learning habits in teaching Turkish to foreigners with digitalization.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish to foreigners, digital, digitalization in teaching Turkish to foreigners