Turkish Teaching to Public in Vakit Newspaper during the Alphabet Reform Process

After the adoption of the Turkish alphabet based on Latin letters on November 1, 1928, in the Republic of Turkey, a comprehensive literacy campaign was organized. This process is called the “alphabet reform” in the historical literature. During the alphabet reform process, reading and writing were taught to the public in various institutions, and some newspapers also included pages that could be evaluated within the scope of teaching literacy to the public. One of these newspapers is Vakit newspaper. In the section titled “National Schools Page of Vakit Newspaper” in Vakit newspaper, various information and texts are available to provide education to the public. In this context, it can be said that Vakit newspaper has an important place in the history of Turkish teaching. In this study, it was aimed to examine the section titled “National Schools Page of Vakit Newspaper” in some issues of Vakit newspaper in 1929 in terms of Turkish teaching. In this context, 58 newspapers published in 1929, including the section titled "National Schools Page of Vakit Newspaper", were selected as samples. The examined newspapers were published between 4 January 1929 and 3 March 1929. In the study, in which the document analysis method was used, the data were analyzed with the content analysis technique. In the study, it was determined that Vakit newspaper played an active role in teaching Turkish to the public during the alphabet reform process.

Anahtar Kelimeler

History of Turkish teaching, alphabet reform, initial literacy, Vakit newspaper.