Evaluation of the Contributions of Turkish TV Series and Films in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language: Balkan Sample

The main aim of this study was to examine the contribution of watching Turkish TV series and movies to the language skills of those who learn Turkish as a foreign language in the Balkans where there is a large interest in those programs. In the study, which adopted a qualitative research approach, a descriptive survey research design was used. 48 Balkan students participated in the study. The viewing processes and ways were examined by asking the Balkan participants general questions about the Turkish TV series and movies. In addition, questions were constructed in a way to detect their contribution to learning Turkish as a foreign language. All participants watched Turkish TV series and movies; 11 (22.9%) of the participants started to watch them 1-3 years ago, 9 (18.8%) 4-6 years ago, and 16 (33.3%) seven years ago or earlier; 41 (85.4%) of participants started watching them before they started learning Turkish; More than 50% of them watch at least one Turkish TV series or movie per week, both in the past and today. According to the answers given by the Balkan participants, when it comes to the ways of watching Turkish TV series and movies, at first 33 (68.8%) of them watched it with Turkish voiceovers and subtitles in their native language, while today 37 (77.1%) of them watch it with only Turkish voiceovers. All of the 48 (100%) Balkan participants stated that those programs positively contributed to listening and speaking language skills, as well as learning Turkish words and improving pronunciation. On the other hand, 43 (89.6%) of the participants stated that it had a positive effect on learning idioms, 41 (85.4%) on formulaic expressions, 40 (83.3%) on grammar, and 39 (77.1%) on learning proverbs. In addition, the participants stated that reading and writing, which are one of the language skills, developed more when there were “Turkish subtitles” included. In this context, 39 (81.3%) of the participants stated that watching Turkish TV series and movies with Turkish subtitles contributed to the development of reading skills and 27 (56.3%) of them stated that it contributed to the development of writing skills. In the context of its general Turkish TV series and movies contributed positively to all 48 (100%) participants; In other words, it is evident that after watching Turkish TV series and movies they could learn Turkish more easily and quickly.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language, Teaching Turkish in the Balkans, TV Series / Movies in Turkish Teaching