Exploring 2019 Turkish Course Curricula According to Program Development Steps

The aim of the research is to examine and interpret the current Turkish Curricula (2019) in the context of its own internal dynamics and to address the relevant program according to the program development steps. The document analysis method is used in the related research. Within the scope of the research, the current Turkish Curricula, curriculum development theories, and models, both the practical and intellectual foundations on which these models and theories are based are reviewed, and the literature review technique is used while conducting this review. While conducting the literature review, firstly a superficial bibliography is prepared in a way that is inherent to curriculum development and Turkish language teaching program, then the studies that can be used in the research are examined in depth and an original interpretation is tried to be brought. In this framework, the data collected through the literature review are analyzed with the document analysis method, and the relationship of the current Turkish Curricula with curriculum development steps and curriculum development theories is tried to be explained. In the study, the historical and intellectual course of spirality, constructivism, and thematicism within the scope of the current Turkish Curriculum is discussed, and the curriculum development approaches on which the curriculum is based are explained. Although the current curriculum is a blend of curriculum development approaches such as "Rational Planning Model", "Process Approach Model", "Innovative/Situational Model" and "System Approach", the curriculum seems to be closer to the "Process Approach Model" with its focus on the individual and its positioning close to constructivism. However, the curriculum cannot be called completely constructivist and student-centered. There are also items in the curriculum that are contrary to these understandings and this situation is explained in the related study.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Turkish Course Curricula, curriculum development steps, spiral order, thematic approach, constructivism