Feedback Habits of Turkish as a Foreign Language Teachers in Writing Skills

One of the productive skills, writing is a skill that foreign language learners can offer significant output after they are exposed to sufficient intelligible input in the language. Writing is a skill that contains a number of cognitive processes such as preparation, planning, draft text creation, correction, and development. After this complex process, the learner creates their text and presents it to the evaluator. The evaluator examines the presented output in an oral, written, or online environment and gives feedback to the learner. Feedback is a very important method used to improve writing skills and supports teaching. During language learning, it has been presented in various studies that the students who receive feedback have made a positive development in writing skills and have increased learning motivation. The aim of this study is to determine the feedback habits of the instructors for the outputs they offer in order to improve the writing skills of learners who learn Turkish as a foreign language. The universe of the study consists of foreign language instructors and the sample is the Turkish Teaching Application and Research Centers (TÖMER) and Yunus Emre Institute. A twenty-three-question form was prepared to determine the demographic state of the instructors and to determine the feedback behaviors and opinions for feedback on writing skills. When preparing the questions, the questions were taken into consideration in a significant separation and the principle of volunteering was taken into consideration in participation in the study. The frequency distribution and percentage values of the data obtained from the response of the 167 tutorials participating in the survey were calculated. Based on the answers of the instructors, the methods and tools used by the instructors in the feedback were identified; The opinions of the feedback on the difference between the targeted performance and the current performance, the instructional-learning relationship, the learning autonomy, and the effect of motivation were examined; The effect of feedback on the development of writing skills was evaluated.

Anahtar Kelimeler

feedback, writing skills, Turkish as a foreign language, learner, istructive