The Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis of the Names of the Items and Tools Used In Historical Kipchak Turkish

It has been subjected a diachronic and synchronic analysis that the changes and developments of the name of the items and tools that we use in our daily life for hundres of years based on Kipchak Turkish Dictionary in our study called "The Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis of the Names of the Items and Tools used in Kipchak Turkish". Primarily, it has been informed a brief information about historical and contemporary Kipchak Turkish and the works of periods, subsequently, the words represent the names of the items and tools identified in historical Kipchak Turkish have been classified into twenty articles (Some articles have been divided into sub-headings as well.) in our article. At the beginning of each article, primarily, it has been identified the usage of the word in the historical Kipchak Turkish, subsequently, the etimological development of the word has been analyzed based on the works Andreas Tietze's "Historical and Etymological Turkey Turkish Dictionary", Sir Gerard Clauson's “An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-Thirteenth-Century Turkish”, Hasan Eren's “Türk Dilinin Etimolojik Sözlüğü (The Etimological Dictionary of Turkish Language” and Marcel Erdal's "Old Turkic Word Formation A Functional Approach to the Lexicon". Furthermore, the changes and developments that each word detected have undergone in the historical process has been examined based on the fields Göktürk (First Turkic Khaganate) Uighur, Karakhanid, Khorezm, Chagati, Old Anatolian and Ottoman. Lastly, it has been researched that the usages of the words in modern the Kipchak group Turkish dialects such as Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Karay, Karakalpak, Karachay-Balkar, Kumuk, Tatar and Bashkir and based on Turkish Dictionary published by the Turkish Language Association Scanning and Lexicon Dictionaries in the usages of the words in Turkish. We believe that this study will be important in terms of determining the usage of some of the names of items and tools in the historical Kipchak Turkish, and the presence of existing words in modern Kipchak group Turkish dialects and Turkish, which is included in the Oghuz group.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Historical Kipchack Turkish, Modern Kipchack Group Turkish Dialects, Names of the items and tools, Etimology, Cultural History.