Vocabulary Teaching in Güle Güle (A1-A2) Textbook for Teaching Turkish to Germans

Words which are the building blocks of language, are indispensable elements of communication. Therefore, words are also the basis of understanding and explaining in a foreign language. Vocabulary teaching has an important place in teaching Turkish as a foreign language. The first goal in vocabulary teaching, which is done in a gradual and spiral way according to language levels, is to teach the basic vocabulary of the language. Textbooks are the primary tools used in teaching activities related to vocabulary. In teaching Turkish vocabulary to foreigners, textbooks published outside of Turkey and prepared for a specific targeta udience are used as well as textbooks published in Turkey. In this study, it was determined which words, groups of words and stereotyped words were taught in the Güle Güle Turkisch für Anfänger A1-A2 textbook prepared for teaching Turkish to Germans in Germany, their total number and how much space they occupy through out the book, and with which types of activities they were given. In the research, which is a case study from the qualitative research methods, data were collected by document analysis and descriptive analysis was used in the analysis of the data. As a result of the analyzes, it is seen that 852 different words/phrases/stereotypes are used 945 times in the Güle Güle Türkisch für Anfänger A1-A2 textbook. It was determined that 71 in dependent vocabulary teaching activities were included, which corresponds to an intensity of 19%. It has been determined that the most commonly used types of activities for the purpose of independent Word teaching are visual-wordmatching, using images, direct teaching/wordlist.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, teaching vocabulary, teaching independent vocabulary, German textbook, Güle Güle textbook.