Examination of Mustafa Uçurum's Memory and Essay Books in Terms of Fundamental Values

One of the main purposes of Turkish education is to convey the fundamental values to the students by fusing them with education through language and literary texts.Only literary texts may not be enough to a comprehensive values education.The values that will be gained to the student should be supported by reading books.Books are educational tools equipped with values in order to raise students consciously from an early age.For this reason, the books to be read should be appropriate for values education and should be equipped with national and universal values so that they can transmit the fundamental values.Values are also a bridge that allows the life, culture and social texture of society to be passed onto future generations.Therefore, the values that are the carrier and inseparable part of the harmony between generations should find a place in the books.The aim of this study is to examine four works belonging to Mustafa Uçurum in terms of the fundamental values.Within the extent of the study,four books belonging to Mustafa Uçurum, including three essays and a memoir book, were examined in terms of the fundamental values.The study used the document review model, which belongs to the qualitative research method.The data collected in the study have analyzed according to the descriptive analysis method.In this study, the sentences including the values contained in Mustafa Uçurums books were classified and interpreted according to the fundamental values (justice, friendship, honesty, self-respect, patience, respect, love, responsibility, patriotism and benevolence) determined by the Ministry of Education in 2019.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Fundamental values, values education, Turkish education