Examination of B1 Level Outcomes in Turkish as a Foreign Language in Terms of 21st Century Skills

The aim of this study is to determine the life and career skills of 21st century skills (flexibility and adaptability, entrepreneurship and self-management, social and intercultural skills, productivity and accountability) of the achievements of the B1 level of the Turkish Education Program for Foreigners organized by the Turkish Maarif Foundation and the Ministry of National Education in 2020. , leadership and responsibility); learning and innovation skills creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration); information, media and technology skills (information literacy, media literacy, information and communication technology literacy) in terms of their suitability. The research is in the descriptive survey model. The data of the study were collected through document review. The material of the research consists of 88 acquisitions in listening, 67 in oral interaction, 65 in oral production, 95 in reading, and 67 in writing at the B1 level, which is among the language skills. Each acquisition was evaluated in terms of life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, information, media and technology skills and sub-skills related to these topics within the framework of P21. The data were analyzed by content analysis method. The data obtained are presented in tables in the form of themes and achievements within the scope of P21 skills . As a result, "Life and Career Skills" of 382 acquisitions examined at B1 level were f=90; learning and innovation skills f=141; it was determined that knowledge, media and technology skills were included f=151 times. In the sub-skills of these skills, it was determined that the information literacy skill was the most frequently used as f=93, and the second most frequently used skill was critical thinking and problem solving skills f=65. It is seen that the least included skills are flexibility and adaptability skills f=2, respectively, productivity and accountability skills. Cooperation skill was also included only in the f=15 outcome and it was determined that it was the third least mentioned skill.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Curriculum, P21, Skills.